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Perfect Weekend Getaway To Cameron Highlands

Undoubtedly, having a short weekend getaway is among the most effective therapies for breaking free from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city of Malaysia.

No need for a distant journey, Cameron Highlands always has something for you to enjoy and soothe your soul with its distinctive ambiance.

If you’re in desperate need of a break and prefer not to travel deeper into the center of Cameron Highlands, Green View Garden offers you a perfect place for your weekend.

Weekend Getaway to Enchanting Highland Paradise: Green View Garden

Green View Garden grants a perfect weekend getaway for you to enjoy some downtime or devote your time with loved ones at one stop.

Similar to the other attractions in Cameron Highlands, Green View Garden and Avant Chocolate allow you to treat yourself with picturesque garden views, a diverse selection of food and beverages, thrilling indoor activities, delightful handcrafted ice creams, and fresh locally grown produce.

Perfect Weekend Getaway To Cameron Highlands

Perfect Weekend Getaway To Cameron Highlands

Perfect Weekend Getaway To Cameron Highlands

Perfect Weekend Getaway To Cameron Highlands

Green View Garden is an architectural garden filled with meticulously arranged flowers, creating a vibrant and aesthetic backdrop. It is one of the best places in Cameron Highlands for not only photography enthusiasts but also for anyone who enjoys preserving memories with their dear ones.

Chocolate is an excellent choice for relieving stress and vacation souvenirs, so be sure to pamper yourself in Avant Chocolate. If you’re seeking something that is not only visually appealing but also mouthwatering, we highly suggest getting their handcrafted ice creams and their newly introduced cheesecake sticks.

Escape Yourself to The Lush Retreat of Cameron Highlands

With a short drive from the city, you can enjoy your rejuvenating weekend gateway in Green View Garden.

Not to mention, this perfect destination will charge you FREE entrance fees to access the most captivating attraction in Cameron Highlands!

Let’s begin planning for your short getaway now as Green View Garden and Avant Chocolate are always welcome visitors every day from 9:00am to 6:30pm.

Green View Garden / Avant Chocolate
609, UT/KR/F609 Jalan Simpang Pulai,
Kampung Raja, 39010, Pahang.

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