Avant Cafe

Filled with the best flavors of Japanese cuisine, Asian fusion food, and delightful desserts.

After a day of strolling around our immersive garden, come and enjoy made-to-order Japanese dishes and Asian fusion meals in a relaxed and culture-full place. Relish in Muslim-friendly recipes made with our own vegetables from our hydroponic garden and tasteful ingredients for a remarkable experience. We also serve a variety of scooped ice creams and hearty desserts for everyone to enjoy. All at Avant Cafe.

Please your palate in a chill and vibrant dining ambiance.

Experience cultural dishes and creamy desserts

Many Choices
of desserts & Asian dishes
Cameron Highlands’
Biggest Halal Japanese restaurant

Filled with the best flavors of Asia and delectable desserts at Avant Cafe

Plan your next holiday with us!

A fresh twist to dining

Asian culture is sophisticated, refreshing, and varied. You can experience all that and more with authentic Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine accompanied by heavenly desserts made from our self-grown veggies and fruits.

Self-grown and fresh ingredients

Chill and relaxed ambiance

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Family-friendly environment

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