Hearty Desserts

Indulge in our stunning and delightful desserts

No matter the time of day, you will always have space for dessert. We serve various choices of picturesque and sweet treats including our signature Strawberry Strudel made with freshly picked juicy strawberries from our garden. Taste the refreshing flavors of these desserts from our Avant Cafe and Green View Cafe. We recommend trying all of them since it doesn’t get any fresher than this! And what better way to accompany these Cameron Highland desserts than our fresh brewed coffee specially made with Illy coffee beans.

Indulge in fresh and sweet delights made of fruits and berries fresh from our farm.

Dainty Desserts

too Pretty to Eat

Wide Variety
of Choices
Real & Fresh

From our farm to our kitchen, to your plate

We want to make sure everything on your plate is served with perfection. Real ingredients and ripe fruits make remarkable desserts. That’s why some of our desserts are only seasonal to make sure only the ripest fruits reach your table. Plan your holidays ahead and visit us when your favorite fruits are in season!

Self-grown and fresh ingredients

Imported Illy coffee beans

Insta-worthy dessert shots

Chill and relaxed ambiance

Plan your next holiday with us!

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Hearty Desserts

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