Cameron Highlands Strawberry Farm

Taste the juiciest and freshest strawberries from the best strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands

With more than 80,000 plants preserved on our ladang strawberry, visitors can enjoy our ripe, soft, and sweet strawberries. Our strawberry garden is considered one of the best Cameron Highlands strawberry farms for the refreshing taste of our berries which we use in our delectable desserts. Come visit the best strawberry park cameron highland here!

Strawberry Park Cameron Highland

Cameron Highlands attractions are places where you can enjoy the beauty of natural Cameron Highlands, as well as various delicious food made from fresh strawberries. There are a lot of things to do in Cameron Highlands if you are planning to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are also many places to visit in Cameron Highlands that are exclusively made for families with children.

If you are on your way to Brinchang, one of the best place in Cameron Highlands to visit is Green View Garden and you should visit it with your friends and family. It has Cameron Highlands strawberry park where you can enjoy delicious big red strawberries and also, the lavender garden is a good spot for you to take a picture.

What is the best food you can find near you?

Green View Garden has a great cafe near you that serve halal food and hearty desserts like handcrafted ice cream with fruits that are freshly picked from the farm. There is also a halal restaurant near you that specializes in Japanese and Western cuisine.

Indulge in luscious local delights

made from our freshly picked strawberries.

Over 80, 000
Strawberry Plants
Assorted Desserts
Made Daily

From our farm to our kitchen, to your plate

Organic and fresh, our farm is filled with grade-A strawberries perfect for desserts or by itself. Enjoy the burst of flavor with our strawberry-infused desserts straight from our Cameron Highland strawberry park.

Grade A strawberries

Calm and vibrant environment

Insta-worthy scenery

Fresh and artisanal desserts

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Local Delights

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Green View Cafe

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