Avant Handcrafted Ice Cream

All flavors are hand-picked, hand-crafted, and handed to you to enjoy!

What’s better than ice cream? Fresh berries ice cream! Not only are they made from freshly picked fruits, but our Cameron Highlands ice creams are also handcrafted for your whole family to enjoy.

We use real and ripe fruit from our farm for all our handcraft ice creams made right here in our factory.

Bursting with flavors

straight from our garden

Wide Variety
of Creamy Choices
The 1st Ice Cream Factory
in Cameron Highlands
Real and Ripe

Ready to have a party in your mouth? Our frozen treats are rich and intense in flavor with so many choices to pick from.

Bring a tub of us home

Perfect to share (or not), satisfy your sweet tooth with our ice cream tubs made with the freshest ingredients.

Self-grown and fresh ingredients

Creamy and smooth texture

Made right in our own factory

Plan your next holiday with us!

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