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Discover a Beautiful Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands


Thanks to the unique geography and pleasant weather; nature enthusiasts can discover and enjoy numerous hidden gardens in Cameron Highlands.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
–Frances Hodgson Burnett

Cameron Highlands stands out with gently sloping hills, verdant valleys, and globally recognized terraced tea plantations that catch the attention of nature lovers everywhere.

Although Cameron Highlands is not too far from Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh, the journey can be a bit nerve-wracking for visitors because of heavy traffic.

The Closest Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands for Your Exploration [via Simpang Pulai]

For nature lovers planning a quick trip to Cameron Highlands, it’s advisable to start your journey with a scenic drive using the northern Simpang Pulai route.

Not many people are aware of this tip; once you start down the Simpang Pulai road, you’ll find a lovely hidden garden of nature waiting to be explored on the outskirts of Cameron Highlands.

A Beautiful Garden of Nature: Green View Garden

As you begin your journey on this route, your first stop will be the delightful Green View Garden Cameron Highlands.

It’s a place filled with wonderful experiences that will set the tone for your entire highland adventure.

Nature lovers often choose to express their feelings by taking photos or posting about the beautiful landscapes they encounter.

This allows them to share their admiration for nature and convey the serenity and wonder they experience in these lovely settings.

Beautiful Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands

Beautiful Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands Liew

Beautiful Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands
IG: @atie_ben

IG: @atie_ben

Beautiful Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands
IG: @bella.roslan_

Beautiful Hidden Garden in Cameron Highlands
IG: @ling_7524

Green View Garden is indeed a wonderful starting point on the Simpang Pulai route, inviting you to fully enjoy the captivating charm of Cameron Highlands for a short yet memorable journey.

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