Pre-Schoolers Discover New World in Green View Garden | 2023

Venue: Green View Garden, Cameron Highlands

School trips are an essential component of a child’s education. When kids are well-prepared with a variety of engaging and enjoyable activities, an outdoor field trip may be a rewarding experience. Green View Garden is the finest location for kids to learn about the world through hearing, seeing, and touching senses. Here are some of the things they may discover and do in Green View Garden:

  • Physical contact: Getting near to animals and feeding, petting, and playing with them teaches kids about various textures.
  • Listening skills: Farm animals offer the ideal chance for kids to improve their listening abilities by learning to recognize various animal noises.
  • Sightseeing: The lovely garden is an excellent setting for kids to learn about the concepts of nature and to expose them to many colors of the world.

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