Delicious Farm to Table Dishes in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a paradise for nature lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

It’s famous for its lush landscapes and rich soil, making it a perfect place for fresh produce and farm to table dining.

At Green View Garden, we take pride in serving dishes that highlight the best of what this region offers, ensuring every meal is a celebration of freshness and flavor.

Green View Garden Hydroponic Farm

At Green View Garden, our commitment to freshness starts with our very own hydroponic vegetable farm.

This modern farming method lets us grow a variety of greens and vegetables without soil, using nutrient-rich water instead. This ensures our produce is top-quality and grown sustainably.

Our fresh ingredients are picked at their best and delivered straight to our kitchens.

This means that whether you’re enjoying a crisp salad or a hearty vegetable stew, you’re tasting the true essence of Cameron Highlands.

Must-Try Farm to Table Culinary Delights

Japanese Cuisine

Our Japanese menu features a variety of dishes that highlight fresh, local ingredients.

Enjoy Shirayaki, simply seasoned grilled eel, and Teppanyaki, with fresh vegetables and meats grilled to perfection.

Savor our rich Japanese curry with farm-fresh vegetables, crispy Katsu cutlets, tender Teriyaki meats, lightly battered Tempura, and thick, chewy Udon noodles in a savory broth.

Western Dishes

Our Western dishes are crafted with the finest ingredients.

Highlights include juicy grilled chicken with fresh vegetables, tender chicken chop with garden salad, succulent grilled lamb chops, and crispy battered fish with homemade chips and tartar sauce.

We also feature fresh salmon steak seared and served with a side of seasonal vegetables, and hearty burgers made with premium beef and fresh toppings.

Delicious Farm to Table Dishes in Cameron Highlands

Hearty Pasta Pleasures

Enjoy our range of pasta dishes, made with fresh ingredients and flavorful sauces.

Try our Salmon Spaghetti, Seafood Spaghetti, and Chicken Katsu Spaghetti for a delightful twist on classic pasta dishes.

Delicious Farm to Table Dishes in Cameron Highlands

Satisfying Sandwiches

Perfect for a quick bite, our sandwiches are made with freshly baked bread and farm-fresh fillings.

Choose from our Jumbo Sandwich, Tuna, Chicken, or Egg sandwiches for a satisfying meal on the go.

Appetizing Starters

Start your meal with our delicious appetizers.

Choose from Hatate Teriyaki, Takoyaki, Mix Tempura, Chicken Karaage, or Gyoza for a flavorful start to your dining experience.

Delicious Farm to Table Dishes in Cameron Highlands

Decadent Desserts

Our desserts celebrate the fresh fruits and berries grown in Cameron Highlands.

Treat yourself to Fresh Strawberry Ice Kacang, Fruits Strudel, Fruits with Fondue, or Crepes for a delightful end to your meal.

For ice cream lovers, our Avant Handcrafted Ice Cream, made with the finest local ingredients, offers flavors from classic vanilla to innovative fruit blends.

Delicious Farm to Table Dishes in Cameron Highlands

Refreshing Beverages

Quench your thirst with our range of refreshing beverages.

Enjoy fresh fruit juices made with fruits picked from our garden, or relax with a soothing selection of herbal teas brewed with fresh herbs.

Delicious Farm to Table Dishes in Cameron Highlands

Green View Garden – Farm to Table Delights

We invite you to join us and savor the flavors of Cameron Highlands, one fresh bite at a time.

Whether you’re visiting with family, friends, or on a solo adventure, our restaurants offer a welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy the best of farm-fresh cuisine.

Come and taste the difference that freshness makes at Green View Garden.

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