Avant Chocolate Factory

The best chocolate in Cameron Highlands Malaysia

A chocoholic will agree that we have the best cocoa beans to make premium chocolate products in our Cameron Highlands chocolate factory. Try our chocolate bars or berry-infused chocolate treats and bring them home for everyone else to enjoy. We bet you’ll definitely come back and visit us for more!

Sourcing the best cocoa beans and producing the best chocolates for you

Chocolate and fresh berries

make the best combo

Rich and Intense
Cocoa Beans & Fresh Berries

From our factory to our kitchen to your plate

Our locally produced premium cocoa beans have the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness to entice your tastebuds. Experience the deep and comforting richness of our Cameron Highlands avant chocolate in our hearty insta-worthy desserts made with real and ripe ingredients picked fresh from our farm.

Premium cocoa beans

Deep and rich in taste

Chill and relaxed ambiance

Insta-worthy shots

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Avant Chocolate Factory

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