5 Things to Do In Cameron Highlands for FREE

Are you planning a trip to Cameron Highlands but worried about breaking the bank?

Well, worry no more!

Cameron Highlands offers plenty of free activities that will make your trip memorable without costing you a penny.

Here are 5 fantastic free things you can do during your visit:

Exploring Cameron Highlands for Free

Setting off to Cameron Highlands from Simpang Pulai brings a pleasant surprise.

The road is less winding, providing a smoother ride for those susceptible to motion sickness.

Now, let’s uncover the rest of the attractions along this route, ensuring a delightful journey for all

Snap Insta-Worthy Pictures at Green View Garden

Things to Do In Cameron Highlands for FREE

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Start your Cameron Highlands adventure by visiting Green View Garden, a picturesque spot perfect for capturing stunning photos for your social media.

Green View Garden is not just a garden; it’s a one-stop destination for tourists looking to indulge in photography, dining, and various activities like petting animals and boat paddling.

However, let’s focus on its allure as a photography haven.

This garden boasts a beautiful backdrop and numerous spots tailor-made for snapping pictures, all free of charge!

Its lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and colorful sculptures provide the perfect setting for your photoshoot.

Spend some time strolling through the garden paths, soaking in the natural beauty, and don’t forget to snap some Insta-worthy pictures to share with your friends and followers.

With its scenic views and free entrance, Green View Garden truly is a photographer’s paradise in Cameron Highlands.

609, UT/KR/F609 Jalan Simpang Pulai,
Kampung Raja, 39010, Pahang.
Phone: 05-498 1982
Website: www.greenviewgarden.com


Visit Boh Tea Plantation

Things to Do In Cameron Highlands for FREE

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Next on your list should be a visit to the iconic Boh Tea Plantation.

Set amidst rolling hills covered in vibrant green tea bushes, this plantation offers breathtaking views that you won’t want to miss.

Take a leisurely walk around the plantation, learn about the tea-making process, and enjoy the refreshing mountain air.

And of course, don’t forget to capture some stunning photos of the sweeping landscapes.

Brinchang, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang
Phone: 054962096
 Sungai Palas Tea Garden


Appreciate Strawberries at Big Red Strawberry Farm

Things to Do In Cameron Highlands for FREE

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While entry to Big Red Strawberry Farm is free, if you wish to pick strawberries, there is a fee involved.

However, you can still enjoy wandering around the farm, admiring the strawberry fields, and perhaps indulging in some delicious strawberry-themed treats available for purchase.

It’s a delightful experience that won’t cost you a dime unless you decide to pick your own strawberries.

Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang
Phone: 054913327


Hike Up Mossy Forest

Things to Do In Cameron Highlands for FREE

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For nature lovers and adventure seekers, a hike up the mossy forest is an absolute must-do in Cameron Highlands.

Explore the lush greenery, towering trees, and unique flora and fauna that call this mystical forest home.

The cool, misty atmosphere adds to the enchanting experience, making it a memorable adventure for visitors of all ages.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, bring plenty of water, and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Gunung Brinchang, Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang
Phone: 0136741406
Website: N/A

See Beehives at Ee Beng Gu Bee Farm

Things to Do In Cameron Highlands for FREE

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Last but not least, pay a visit to Ee Beng Gu Bee Farm to learn about the fascinating world of bees.

Watch as busy bees buzz around their hives, producing delicious honey that is harvested and sold on-site.

It’s a unique and educational experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Green Cow, No 75, Batu 43, 39100, Pahang
Phone: 054961951
Website: N/A

Explore Green View Garden as Your First Stop in Cameron Highlands!

In summary, Cameron Highlands offers a plethora of free activities that promise a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Before embarking on your journey to explore the wonders of Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands, make sure to stop by Green View Garden, especially if you’re entering via the Simpang Pulai route.

As the first stop you’ll encounter, Green View Garden offers a perfect introduction to the natural beauty and charm of the region.

With its Insta-worthy photo opportunities, lush greenery, and serene ambiance, it’s a one-stop tourist destination that shouldn’t be missed.

So, whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, make sure to include Green View Garden in your Cameron Highlands itinerary.

Start your adventure on the right foot and create unforgettable memories amidst the stunning landscapes of Cameron Highlands.

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Don’t miss out on these incredible free experiences—plan your trip to Cameron Highlands today!

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